AdWords is Rolling Out More Conversion Attribution Bidding Models

Google understands the unique customer journeys that people take better than anyone. They have stressed the importance of Micro-Moments, which are all the interactions that someone makes before finally converting. Since they have an abundance of data from Google Analytics properties, the Google Search Engine, and Google AdWords, they understand that people might engage 10 or more times with your website before finally making a purchase.

Later in the month of May, Google AdWords will be adding more conversion bidding options to give you the option to bid for the attribution model of your choice. Your choices include last click, first click, linear, time decay, position-based, or data driven. Depending on the attribution model you select for your conversion bidding strategy, your bids will be optimized to maximize conversions for that model.

Best Practices:

In case you aren’t sure where to start, the Google AdWords Help Center has released a Best Practices Guide for Beyond Last-Click Attribution. It’s a quick and easy read and I would highly recommend it to everyone who is utilizing AdWords Conversion Optimizer.

Data-driven Attribution:

Google AdWords is recommending the data-driven attribution model more than others, but you need a high volume of conversions to be able to use it.

Below is an image from the AdWords Support Center showing all of the benefits that come with data-driven attribution. You can click the image for the full-sized picture in case it is hard to read.

My Takeaways:

Google has done a great job reacting to the changes that mobile has presented, both for the people who use the Search Engine and for Advertisers using AdWords. Advertisers are presented with unique mobile challenges because the days are gone of people using only their computer to do research, shop, or book a vacation. Now consumers might use their smartphone, tablet, and computer as they research and prepare to make a purchase.

For Advertisers, it’s great to be able to bid for different attribution models, particularly if you see more first click conversions rather than last click conversions. Every business has goals that vary so it’s great to see Google AdWords give unique solutions to advertisers. What I recommend doing is first going into Google Analytics to find the ‘Model Comparison Tool’ from the Conversions drop-down menu in Reporting.

After doing that research, you might need to test a few bidding strategies in AdWords to see what drives the best results. In addition, keep in mind what your marketing goals are. For a Brand campaign, last click attribution is probably your best bet, whereas first click attribution might make sense for non-Brand campaigns.

Hopefully you can find the right attribution model for your business and continue to improve results.