Great Examples of AdWords Callout Extensions in Google

Callout Extensions are a new feature in Google AdWords. Since they were released in the middle of August 2014, I have noticed more and advertisers taking advantage of these new extensions. I decided to take a deeper look at Callout Extensions for various search queries to pick out some of the best.

Why You Should Use Callout Extensions:

There are three basic reasons, the first being that they make your ad bigger. When you have one of the top 3 spots, Callout Extensions will give you an extra line of text to your ad. The second reason is that they actually help your ad rank, so AdWords automatically gives you a better ad ranking as soon as you add the extensions. The third reason is that you can tell potential customers the benefits of your product or service.

Example #1

The first example comes from a retail related search. The search query was “Mens sneakers” and the following was an ad that was returned for that keyword.


Positive Takeaways:

If your eCommerce website offers free shipping and free returns, you will want to advertise that everywhere. Free shipping and free returns lead to a better conversion rate for eCommerce. Also, the ad highlights that every single size will be available on the website, so I don’t have to worry about limitations.

Example #2

The second example comes from a finance related search. The search query was “Business credit” and the following was the best ad returned for that keyword.


Positive Takeaways:

Business owners hate paperwork, waiting, and hidden costs. Business owners want the easiest, quickest, and cheapest way to complete a task. The Callout Extensions and even the Sitelink Extensions used in this ad make it seem like you will have everything filed and approved in under 10 minutes, which is exactly what business owners want to see.

Example #3

The third example comes from an Automotive related search. The search query was “SUVs under 20000” and the following was the best ad returned for that keyword.


Positive Takeaways:

Now this is an example of Dynamic Keyword Insertion in the ads headline. What I like about these Callout Extensions is they assume the buyer is in the decision-making process. Looking for SUVs under $20,000 leaves a lot open for interpretation and this ad shows they can help me compare different SUV makes and models using certified research, which is great information to have as a customer. In addition, they will help me find a local dealer to buy my new automobile.

Example #4

The third example comes from an Email Marketing related search. The search query was “Email marketing services” and the following was the best ad returned for that keyword.


Positive Takeaways:

With email marketing software or marketing software in general, there are three things that make people not convert. The first is the overall cost, and by showing there are no set-up fees it helps them stand-out. The second is being stuck in a long-term contract, and by showing there are no contracts you don’t have to worry about a major financial burden. Third and finally, having free support will always help business, especially with software.

Example #5

The fifth example comes from an Golf/Sporting Goods related search. The search query was simply “Golf clubs” and the following ad stood out above the competitors.


Positive Takeaways:

Now this is how you maximize ad space. With such a broad search term, it’s great to see four different Callout Extensions in one ad. The ad above appeals to the professional golfer who would be interested in custom clubs and fitting. The ad also appeals to beginning Golfers who might be worried about expensive prices or being ripped off.

In Conclusion

I always like looking at my competitor’s AdWords ads. You get a lot of new ideas for ad copy, headline, and ad extension optimization. For this article, it was great looking for Callout Extensions from a variety of search queries. I hope this article helped give you some ideas on how to maximize your ad space.