Facebook Advertising - Travel & Hospitality Co-op


Generate qualified traffic to DMO client website that results in exposure and referral traffic to area entertainment venues.


  • 6.7 million impressions

  • 2.85% CTR

  • 92,817 partner referrals

Facebook Advertising - Destination Marketing


Develop a Facebook advertising campaign to drive contest entries by targeting college football fans during specific games throughout the season.


  • 97,560 fans reached

  • 1,110,810 impressions

  • 1,668 leads captured

  • 36.76% conversion rate

  • $5.40 cost per lead

Paid Search Campaign - Event & Conference Industry

Objective: Drive targeted, low-cost entrepreneur and business leads for a two-day business workshop.

Solution: AdWords strategy using a combination of search, retargeting, and high quality display placements in addition to tight geo-targeting to reach the client’s target audience.


  • 999 website clicks

  • 83 leads

  • $23.12 cost/lead